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VOC Clean Temperature & Humidity Environmental Standard Chamber(1M3)

The environmental chamber can provide standard testing environment (such as indicated temperature, relative humidity, air exchange rate and air flow rate) or simulation of a real indoor environment, and test emission rate and emission characteristics of pollutants from a variety of indoor materials so as to:
■ determine the influence of environmental variables on emission rate and emission characteristics of the materials and products;
■ Grades of materials and products by emission characteristics;
■ Model for development, verification and prediction of indoor air pollution;
■ Evaluation of indoor air quality (IAQ) in terms of indoor pollutants data or prediction model;
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Control of the temperature of climate chamber jacket, test of pressure in the chamber, temperature in the adjusting chamber, color touch HMI of air flow, display of parameters of the units and display of fault, supporting of free setting, testing and running of control program for download of data.

■Air temperature adjusting by point dewing method
■Imported temperature and humidity sensor of high precision
■Control of air flow by controller of air quality and flow
■Active control of pressure in the test chamber
■Cleaning function in the test chamber
■oil-free air compressor/ special air cleaning system
■Tested pressure by differential pressure measurement transmitter
■Panoramic glass doors
■4 upper sampling ports used for testing the test port of system of power plan and uniformity of organs in testing chamber for nuclear test
■Imported frozen machine and frozen components running steadily with a long service life
■Protection of lower water level: point dewing water chamber with alarm for low water level and protection from air burning
■Smooth stainless steel wall of the test chamber with circular design, and structure and brief of the test chamber with least adsorption
■Folder design of climate chamber
■After finishing the previous test, the internal background concentration of the test chamber satisfies the requirements through purging, cleaning at high temperature, recovery of testing conditions of temperature and humidity of the test chamber


Product name

VOC Clean Temperature & Humidity Environmental Standard Chamber(1M3)



Ambient temperature


Ambient humidity


Clean environment requirements

No pollution in the environment

Climate chamber volume

1 cubic meter (L1.58m × W0.8m × H0.8m)

Adjustable temperature range


Adjustable humidity range

40%RH ~70%RH



Temperature fluctuation


Temperature deviation


Humidity fluctuation


Temperature deviation


Air exchange rate


Air flow rate


Power supply

AC 380V/50HZ three-phase power supply (4-wire or 5-wire)

Starting power


Operating power


Background concentration of formaldehyde

Less than 0.02ppm minimum 6ug/m3


Automobile, electrical appliances, furniture, lumber and labor insurance



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Operation Instruction  in English
Maintenance Instruction of Equipment