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Salt Mist Tester (special for solar energy)

       Salty fog erosion experiment chamber is mainly used to determine anti-corrosion ability after the surface treatment of electroplating, coating, painting, anti-rust and so on.It is an important experiment method to spray NaCl solution on covered surface in materials research, national defense industry and light industry, instrumentation Industry and so on.The instrument can be used for neutral salty fog experiment and acetic acid fog experiment according to GB/T2423.17 《ka: The routine of salty fog experiment》.
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■ the salt spray corrosive test chambers can be widely applied, making possible quick test of anti-corrosion quality of materials. The salt spray corrosive test chambers are designed and manufactured according to the Standards of ASTM B 117. Meanwhile, it can be applied in traditional salt spray and humidity test.
■ The test chamber is waist high at the same cost.
■ Double-layer steel structure and transparent casing
■ Software package for accurate control, 55-gallon trough
■ Plexiglas observation window, safety bolt on the observatory door
■ PVC bushel of uniform thickness, with chamber bottom convenient for the hoisting of drainage
■ Rubber or plastic pad at the bottom of the chamber, with Plexiglas terminal
■ Switch for the light inside the chamber is on the external wall, with tilted chamber top so as to avoid condensed water drops falling onto the samples.





Internal box size




External box size




Temperature range



Power supply

AC220V    50Hz




1.         ABNT NBR    8094    8095

2.         ASTM    B117    B368    B380    D1735    D2247

3.         DIN    50021

4.         Ford    BI-103-01

5.         GM    4465P    4298P

6.         ISO    7253    9227    11997

7.         JIS    Z2371

8.         TIA/EIA    455-16A

9.         CASS    acetic acid falling stone out   Corrodcote

10.     others   water fog

●Thin-film solar energy
●Crystalline Silic on solar energy
●Amorphous silicon solar energy
●Condensation solar enegy

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