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UV ultraviolet aging tester

The UV ultraviolet aging tester of photovoltaic (PV) module is mainly used for the examination of the ultraviolet irradiation resistance capacity when the PV modules are exposed in ultraviolet irradiation environment. The tester is applied to elevate the ultraviolet irradiation resistance capacity of storage and polymeric materials, protection layer and other materials; the design and capacity of the testing devices shall meet relevant specifications such as IEC61215, IEC61646, IEC62108, UL1703, IEEE 1513, IEC61730, etc.
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■ the equipment adopts the domestic innovative exterior design to make the overall exterior appearance of the equipment nice;
■ the materials of internal chamber use the wire drawing SUS304B board,with the features of acid and corrosion-resistance and easy cleaning;                                      
■ the sample holder can be adjusted for  the upper and lower positions according to needs;
■ The reasonable air channel circulation system has made the cabinet have the highest uniformity of temperature and humidity since the testing devices are designed professionally according to historical experience;
■ The parallel distance of test sample and lamp surface: Ultimately meet the wavelength requirements of sample test (the height of test sample table is adjustable)




Perform indicator

Internal size

40×220×110 (cm)

Effective radiation area


Module surface temperature


Temperature fluctuation


Temperature solution


Center distance of lamp


Intensity of illumination

The uniformity coefficient of module test surface is ± 15%

Temperature control mode

PID autotuning temperature control mode

Wind speed

0.5~1. 0m/M


UVA:280~320nm UVB:320~400nm

Light source


Control system

Control mode of temperature system

Forced circulation ventilation is adopted to balance temperature. (BTC)
The control system controls the output quantity of heater to reach a dynamic balance through the output result of automatic PID calculation according to the set temperature.

Air heating mode

High quality nickel-chromium wire heater is adopted, which has good material with better moisture and corrosion resistance and the speed response greatly exceeding the efficiency of heating pipe;

Temperature controller

Imported Fuji digital temperature controller with original packing

Circulation system

The snail fan imported from Japan has features of low noise and high effectiveness; it has stainless steel multi-plate centrifugal wind wheel with single cycle. And its ozone from the equipment can be discharged to the outside by air exhaust function;

Power supply

AC220V 50HZ total power: 4KW


1 sample shelf board, 6 light tubes, 1 set of illumination meter

Safety protection

Safe and reliable ground protection device; working chamber over-temperature protection; heater short circuit and overload protection.

1.the center distance of light is 70mm and according to the solar module size of 1680mm in PV industry, the use of eight light tubes achieved;
2. Light source adopts eight UV-A UV fluorescent lights with the rated power of 40W. The UV fluorescent light tube is installed the internal top layer of the device. UV-A light tube’s light spectrum energy is mainly concentrated in the 340nm wavelength and it is the continuous spectrum generally distributed in 280 ~ 400nm,
3. The spectral irradiance of the test does not exceed five times of the corresponding sun irradiance (average high noon sun light on the equator in summer) and the radiation of 40W UV-A light is almost entirely consistent with the requirements, which is the best choice for the light source.
4. As the fluorescent light energy output will gradually decrease with time, in order to reduce the test affects due to attenuation of light energy, the testing chamber has designed light current control system to the light energy with constant output based on the radiation uniformity of ± 15% required by GB/T 19394-2003 No.5-a.
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