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                 "the advanced products of HORAD company creates HORAD personnel with international ideas!"
               The company's development is actually the process of innovation, promotion and sublimation of talents and team. The cooperation spirit within the company and the attitude of responsibility for users not only has created miracles one after another but also nurtures continuously new talents in the development of the company to make the staff so that staff can play their maximum potential as owners of the company. The professional echelon represented by national level experts, senior researchers and outstanding science and technology leaders is formed in the company. And the unique “rigorous, pioneering and enterprising" corporate culture is formed.
    Company prospects:
              To launch all businesses by ethical and sustainable manners, protect and promote of the human rights, health, safety, welfare and personal development of all employees who directly and indirectly work for the HORAD.
    Environment, health and safety policy
    We serve as:
              The environmental testing equipment manufacturer dedicated to environmental protection and health and safety in then production and business activities
    We do:
             ■Comply with environmental protection and health and safety law
             ■Continuously improve the performances of the environment and health and safety
             ■Control and improve production processes to achieve energy saving
             ■Communicate environmental and health knowledge to all people
             ■Prevent pollution and reduce health and safety risks
             ■Ensure the R & D and production which completely use environmentally friendly refrigerant equipments
    We hope:
             Always work hard for the beautiful, healthy and safe environment of the world